Ida Gall

Ida is an international student from Inholland University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam where is she undergoing a bachelor in International Communication Management. Currently Ida is doing a mixed minor at the Southampton Solent University where her subjects are PR, Journalism and Music.

Ida has studied and worked in Australia, The Netherlands, Denmark, Nepal and England and therefore has a varied professional background which has created the path for her choice of study. She has experience in the hospitality industry, she worked with orphans and interned at a large international organization, which means Ida has developed skills and knowledge within different fields. The experiences Ida has gained from her stays abroad have inspired her to engage in blogging as it connects her interests for other cultures and international business.

Ida plans to master in International Communication which will enforce her opportunities for working abroad.

Apart from her studies she is determined to work aside and in her spare time she plays rugby with the Southampton Solent University’s Team.

Having a diverse range of interests Ida is engaged in online communities where she gets to share her thoughts and opinions with others on an international platform. She believes that online communities play an essential role when it comes to discussing ethical issues as it propose a neutral base where cross cultural differences enforce interesting and valuable discussions.


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