Diana Mitra

Diana is a creative and joyful individual who recently discovered her love for nutrition, dietetics and the impact these have on one’s health and well-being.  She is a keen believer that in most of the cases, food can reverse even serious health conditions. But also, equally important, she has been quite an avid reader of news on Food Politics lately.

Having volunteered for few years at a foundation concerning teenagers, Diana has discovered that helping people is not just a matter of feeling useful for the society, but it is also a way of becoming more conscious of the world we live in. All these have been milestones in her personal development that have led her to becoming a person with strong values and principles she stands by in life. She believes she is a proactive individual in that sense and that contributing to the development of a more ethical world is becoming not just a hobby to her, but the start of a beautiful and rewarding career.

With over 10 years travelling experience, Diana decided 3 years ago that it was time for a new and major challenge; therefore she left her mother country and moved to United Kingdom for the purpose of Higher Education.

Diana is currently in the process of finalising her BA(Hons) PR and Communication degree  (CIPR Accredited) and at the same time developing a network of her own on matters such as health and nutrition and ethical responsibility in the food industry.


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