Andreea Dobrila

Andreea is passionate about ethical PR, especially about discovering ethical irregularities in the food industry.

She believes that food is what keeps people alive, therefore they should know everything there is to know related to the food industry and how it might affect them.

While completing various internships as a PR practitioner, but also as a journalist, she was able to greatly improve her research skills. This was very useful, particularly when wanting to find out more about GM foods, pesticides and governmental deals on carbon footprint or nutritional facts. As a “techy”, she likes to use the latest computer softwares while researching, pitching and presenting written material.

Her uniqueness is given by her determination to do what is right, ambition and high-level perseverance that make her accomplish everything she sets her mind to. When she was 6, she decided to learn a foreign language: English and she did. Afterwards, she started learning basic French and Spanish (only by watching soap operas). She is currently learning Russian by herself, using the online environment.

She believes that managing ethical issues is very challenging, but rewarding at the same time. One has to be aware of how to address different problems to different stakeholder groups, and to hone the tone of the communication accordingly.

Although a good team-mate, she also believes that sometimes it is best to aid yourself, through reflection, constructive criticism and action, in order to grow as a person, but also as a professional.

Outside the professional life, she is passionate about Formula 1, in which she sees a PR metaphor for meeting impossible deadlines and acting fast whenever there is a call for action.


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